My name is Heather Fox, and I am the author, administrator and founder of DeSoto County Reform.  My husband suggested that I start this page in 2012 after an eye-opening controversy erupted between our family and DeSoto County Schools.  I had no idea at the time where this page would lead.  The intent of the page has been to inform, educate and bring awareness to issues locally and statewide.

Located in North Mississippi and on the state line of MS and TN, we lack in strong media coverage of our local and state issues in DeSoto County and Mississippi.  Our media market is dominated by Memphis, TN.  We haven’t had a platform for addressing real issues, the issues that matter most to the people in our state and county.

Education has been the machine, running DeSoto for quite some time now.  There have been too many people left feeling as if they had no voice (inside and outside of the educational system).  I wanted to change that, so I started the DCR FB page.  The FB page led to this website, and now, I have been blessed to have met and formed strong, working relationships with educators, school administrators, city leaders, legislators, policy groups, advocacy groups, Republicans, parents and many, many others statewide.

I have learned a lot from the people in my life and in my circle.  I try to share what I know, and I hope that it will do some good.  I like to say out loud what others are afraid to say or simply can’t vocalize.  We cannot progress until we are ready to have REAL discussions (no matter how difficult those discussions may be).  Some people may disagree with what I write, but I will NEVER waiver from my beliefs or principles.

With that being said, I welcome you to DeSoto County Reform.




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  1. I am very interested in your Facebook page and I have many concerns about Desoto County schools and how things are so unjustly done.

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