Parents, BE AWARE of these alarming, dangerous, online challenges that your kids may be doing!!

I am sharing some pictures and information below in regards to popular, online challenges for kids, teens, and young adults. I want parents and citizens to be aware of the activities of our youth. We keep hearing a lot about school shootings, but we need to focus on the much larger picture when it comes to today’s kids and teens. Our children are faced with many obstacles and dangers each and every day. It is bad enough that we have to worry about human sex trafficking, the opioid crisis, and bullying, but as parents, we also have to worry about the dangerous activities our children choose to do for fame, social media likes, to gain acceptance from their peers or simply because they are bored, impulsive and looking for a quick adrenaline rush. Please check out the pictures below and be aware of these dangerous online challenges. Research them further and stay informed. Unfortunately, some parents don’t become aware of these challenges until it is too late.


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