I have been asked by people all over the state why I will not support state Senator Chris McDaniel in his upcoming Senate race, considering I campaigned hard for him for over a year in the 2014 Senate race. So here you go. Here are some of the reasons that I will NEVER vote for Chris McDaniel and what I think his SWITCHAROO means for the GOP. (The list is long but far from being all that I could say).

– Chris is known for saying one thing and doing another. He claims to be for term limits and regularly condemns ‘career’ politicians, but his words are not modeled in his actions. He is a 3 time state Senator who has run for higher office twice now, former host of a political radio talk show, founder of the United Conservatives Fund PAC and one of the main players behind the Mississippi Conservative Coalitions. If he is as principled as he claims to be, why does he keep running for office and making his career out of politics. Which is it, Chris? Are you for term limits and against career politicians or are you trying to be that which you condemn? When will your time be up?

– Chris has been a public proponent of legislation that would change the way elected officials and candidates are allowed to spend their campaign finances. He supports legislation that would put an end to candidates and elected officials using their campaign finances on their personal bills and endeavors. Here are a couple of quotes from an article in the Clarion Ledger from Senator McDaniel along with a link to the article:

“We know politicians are living out of their campaign funds,” McDaniel said. “That’s not allowable. It’s basically legalized bribery.”

“Sen Chris McDaniel says lawmakers need to pass campaign finance reforms into law. By Geoff Pender” https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.clarionledger.com/amp/82419342.

Now, let’s look at how Chris McDaniel ACTUALLY spends his campaign money. He spends his campaign finances to help support former state Senator Melanie Sojourner, her new political consulting company, Right Side Strategies, on luxury hotels, long stays at the casino, hotels in Los Angeles, CA, supporting some of his political associates and many other questionable expenditures. You can check out his campaign finance reports by clicking on the links at the bottom of this post and reviewing the screen shots of those expenditures. So……. which is it, Chris? Do you support campaign finance reform or not? Your actions do NOT match your words?

– After the tumultuous Senate race of 2014, Chris McDaniel started his own political action committee. He claimed that the purpose of this PAC was to help support Conservative candidates all over the state. He was going to vet them and financially and publicly support them. He traveled the state, meeting with potential candidates and collecting donations. What actually happened though? His UCF PAC took in about $11,000-$20,000. How much of that went to doing what he said, helping Conservative candidates in their political races across the state?

ZERO DOLLARS went to candidates! ZERO DOLLARS was spent helping any candidate in any part of the state. His PAC accomplished nothing which led to nothing more than further disappointment from those who stepped up to run for office that year and in each year since. I have to ask, Chris, how can you explain this to your supporters, Conservatives and citizens in our state?! Why did you take the money of hard working Mississippians, in the most poverty stricken state in the country, and then do absolutely NOTHING that you promised them?! You and Melanie spent so much time and energy ripping apart Tate Reeves and Haley Barbour. You made your supporters believe that you might run for Lt. Governor in 2015, and again, you didn’t do it. Not only did you not run, but you and your PAC didn’t even bother to help Alisha McElhenney when she stepped up to run against Tate. You did not help her publicly or financially. What a let down you were. And let’s not forget the complete upset that we had in DeSoto County that year. We overthrew 4 of our House Reps, electing into office some of the highest rated Conservative officials in the state. Where were you for any of them?! Nowhere to be found! In fact, what have you done for us after all of the help that we gave to you in DeSoto County? You didn’t help our candidates, publicly or financially. You don’t attend any events here unless they are for you. But again, you say one thing and do another.

(Check out McDaniel’s PAC finances by clicking on the links at the bottom of this post).

– Chris McDaniel promised parents and citizens that he would help us get rid of Common Core. It was also one of his major platforms in 2014’s Senate race. He talked a lot about this federal intrusion as well as his feelings about the U.S. Department of Education (https://www.google.com/amp/www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/02/19/eliminating-common-core-and-the-federal-role-in-education/amp/), but what did he actually do? It was actually state Senators Angela Hill and Michael Watson that traveled the state, bringing attention to the situation, authoring legislation to rid our state of CCSS, fighting in the legislature for our kids and speaking at Stop Common Core rallies all over the state. Where was Chris McDaniel? He was nowhere to be found yet again. Chris McDaniel didn’t even bother to attend the Stop Common Core rally AT THE CAPITOL and on a day during the legislative session. DeSoto’s David Parker was there. Angela Hill and Michael Watson were there, but the one person missing was Chris McDaniel. So which is it, Chris? Do you actually care about CCSS, or do you just like talking about it?

– McDaniel claims that he wants to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington DC by getting rid of the establishment and government bureaucracy. Here is a quote of Chris’s from February 28, 2018: “Donald Trump told us he wanted to drain the swamp, and I’m going to go there to drain the swamp,” McDaniel said.”


The last year or so, Chris has been taking all kinds of political jabs at Roger Wicker, claiming that Wicker is the swamp and a liberal, so what does he do? Chris steps up to run against Wicker…….well……at least he stepped up to drain the swamp for a week or two. Then, Chris’s true colors showed through and again, his actions did not match his words. He jumped races and gave some lame excuse about a lost Senate race and taking back his stolen seat. This just happens to be the reason he initially gave for running back in October 2017. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.nytimes.com/2017/10/21/us/politics/mcdaniel-wicker-mississippi-senate-race-bannon.amp.html


Which is it, Chris? Are you running to drain the swamp or running to take what you think was rightfully yours…..Thad Cochran’s Senate seat? Your actions and words are yet again quite far from each other.

– Next, Chris McDaniel claims to support President Trump and likes to publicize Trump’s endorsement of his 2014 Senate race. This is very interesting to me considering Chris and I spoke about our Presidential candidates in Lucedale, MS during the Presidential race. Chris spent 30 minutes or longer beating Trump down to the point that he forgot to mention any positives or information about his own candidate, Ted Cruz. Even though we were instructed to use our time speaking only about the positives of our candidate, Chris didn’t follow those guidelines. To be fair though, he was late to the event by about 45 minutes which is typical Chris. Subsequently, he went against the moderator’s guidelines, said nothing about his candidate and instead, used his time to disparage President Trump. Now that Chris is seeking higher office, he claims to support President Trump. Considering his past comments and speeches, that is incredibly hard for me to believe. Take a look at a screen shot from his FB page in regards to President Trump, then ask yourself, does he or does he not support our President?!! Who really knows.

– Next issue, McDaniel and his team have long condemned the establishment for being controlled by their big money donors and especially their out-of-state big money contributors. They have claimed numerous times that this takes away from the voice of actual Mississippians. If Chris really feels this way, then why did almost 90% or more of his Senate race campaign donations come from out-of-state contributors? Is it ok for him but not ok for others? Which is it? Do the Mercers and all of his outside, big money donors have ties to MS that I am unaware of? Why is the establishment wrong but Chris McDaniel is allowed a pass? Hard to know what the truth is. And let’s not forget that McDaniel was ‘encouraged’ to run by these big out-of-state groups and people, including Steve Bannon and the Mercers. If Chris cares one little bit about what Mississippians want, then why isn’t he listening to us instead of outsiders?Listening only to people that worship you, support you, and follow your every move is not the same as listening to Mississippians. That’s called selective hearing! Oh and let’s not forget that once Brannon fell out of love with Trump, Chris quickly started trying to disassociate himself from Bannon. So which is it, Chris? Are you in line with Bannon until it’s not in your best interest to be? Are big money, out of state donors for candidates acceptable or not?

Here are a couple of other points to consider.

1. The state flag issue is an absolute non-issue for the Senate race because U.S. Senators do not make decisions about what a state flag is or is not. Those changes only come from our state legislature. Just because Chris supports keeping our state flag is simply irrelevant. As a U.S. Senator, he can’t do anything to decide what our state flag is or is not. This is a moot point for anyone when deciding who to vote for in the Senate race.

2. The fact that Chris plans to fight McConnell and drain the swamp is an absolutely absurd reason to support him. As a freshman Senator with no seniority and as someone who only wants to work with 3 other people, Cruz-Lee-Paul, in the U.S. Senate, Chris would have ZERO ability to do anything to hurt McConnell or make headway for Conservatives, the Constitution or anything else. Draining the swamp can only happen by voters and the President, not some lowly freshman Senator who starts condemning all of the people that he would be working with and before he ever makes it to Washington. His campaign fighting words to rile people up in his camp are ridiculous. He won’t be able to do anything about McConnell or draining the swamp. Chris could have helped drain the swamp by actually using his PAC to do that, but like everything else, it never happened.

Now, I ask a very important question that we should all consider about Chris McDaniel. What HAS he done for our state, our citizens, Conservatives, parents or anyone else for that matter? All he has done, that I have witnessed over the last 5-6 years, is travel around to speak about being a Constitutional Conservative, limited government, anti-Haley Barbour and Tate Reeves rhetoric, Mitch McConnell and the establishment. He creates some eye catching social media blurbs and memes, creates something for people to fear and then swoops in to act as if he is the only one who can save us. Did he sue the federal government over Obamacare? Yes, he did, but so what? We still have Obamacare, and let’s not forget that HE IS AN ATTORNEY! All he did was use his 2nd profession as an attorney to make some headlines and appear to be doing something for Conservatives. That’s something easy to do to get notoriety with disenchanted Americans and Conservatives nationwide especially when you are an attorney and capable of filing a lawsuit. But what has he actually accomplished?! Please tell me something, anything of actual value that has changed our state or country for the better. He has made a lot of promises, asked for a lot of votes and support, taken people’s money and then given NOTHING back. Is this the kind of person that will be a good choice to represent Mississippi in the U.S. Senate?! Anyone can stand up and make a lot of noise on social media. Anyone can make big promises that have little chance of actually happening. Anyone can use political operatives to manipulate public opinion, but it takes a much bigger person to actually be honest, true to The People, and do the work in the trenches that lead to major changes for the greater good of The People. Chris McDaniel will never be that man.

So what impact will the McDaniel Switcharoo have on the Senate races? In my opinion, it has done nothing but show his true colors. All Chris McDaniel cares about is his own political career, climbing that ladder, not having to spend as much money on a campaign, having an easier race, making a name for himself nationally and anything else that benefits him. What he did to his followers is break a promise to drain the swamp and left them with a missed opportunity to run someone else against Roger Wicker. Chris McDaniel needs to learn that if he wants more Conservatives in office or truly wants to further Conservative movements, Constitutional causes, issues and legislation, then he can’t be a one man show.

Mississippi has many great Republicans and Conservatives and many that even by McDaniel’s standards would be ideal for our state: Angela Hill, Michael Watson, Andy Gipson, Joel Bomgar, Gerard Gibert, Mike Hurst, Doc Holiday and numerous individuals in DeSoto County (just to name a few that should appeal to McDaniel and his crew). Where is the support and backing for these people? Where is the support and backing by McDaniel, his coalitions and his PAC for anyone other than himself?! Enough is enough already, Chris. It’s time for you to pass the baton and actually get behind the people that can do the things that you claim you will do but don’t. As for what impact Chris will have, in my opinion, very little and next to none. People are too smart to make the same mistake twice. I know I won’t.

Chris’s campaign finance reports: https://cfportal.sos.ms.gov/online/portal/cf/page/cf-search/~/ExecuteWorkflow.aspx?WorkflowId=g729911d7-f399-46d6-a1ca-f15c1294f82d&FilingId=A50B5329-8A3B-4978-B0E6-6670D6E93C85


PAC Finance Reports:




Here are just a few of Chris’s questionable campaign finance expenditures. You can see the rest by clicking on the links above.

The following is a screen shot of Chris’s FB comments about Trump from February 2016.

The next picture shows the kinds of tweets he was retweeting on Twitter, accusing Trump as being the candidate who would kiss the rings of the GOP and establishment.


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