I am sharing the article below to bring awareness to some very alarming statistics on teachers who have been assaulted by students. It seems like this is becoming a greater problem for schools nationwide. More and more each day, I hear from teachers that confirm what the statistics have shown.

An excerpt from the article states, “In the 2015-16 school year, 5.8 percent of the nation’s 3.8 million teachers were physically attacked by a student, according to federal education data. Almost 10 percent were threatened with injury.”

Let’s think about that!! Approximately 220,000 teachers were assaulted that school year and almost twice that number were threatened with violence. I am sure those numbers only reflect the incidents that were actually reported. Out of 2500 teachers surveyed nationwide, who had been a victim of violence by a student, 24% did not tell their family members and 12% did not tell any of their colleagues. No teacher deserves this.

We can all debate gun violence, but look at the numbers above. In one school year, 220,000 teachers were physically harmed by a student. These kids today are out of control. The problems that we are facing with our children in schools have very little to do with guns and more to do with their home lives, parenting (or a lack thereof), and Adverse Childhood Experiences. No teacher, school or student should have to live in fear of the students in their school. We need to come together to correct this or the violence is only going to continue.

Read the article below.



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