One of the most needed changes in education for this country is HOW STUDENTS ARE TAUGHT TO READ. Whether or not a student has a learning disability like dyslexia or not, are we doing enough to really teach kids how to read?

The direction of education over the last decade has been to eliminate Spelling, Phonics, Reading, Writing and Grammar as stand alone subjects that were traditionally taught as separate subjects but used in conjunction with one another to teach students how to read and write. The new way of teaching in this country is to use one, overall subject area, ELA – English Language Arts, which does not put any real focus on the subjects listed above and instead focuses on learning to read and write through modeling and reading. With this way of teaching, are we giving any student a fair shot at learning how to read? I wonder if we were to change the way kids are being taught to read in K-3 classes, would we see some positive improvements for those students with learning disabilities like dyslexia?

Read the article below and see what you think.



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