Plans to propose the hiring of former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis as Horn Lake’s new City Planner are moving ahead. This proposal is being made by Alderman Charlie Roberts who feels that Davis has the experience and knowledge to help the city in this capacity.

Last year, Davis did some consulting work for Horn Lake, but it was in a limited capacity and on a volunteer basis. The board approved that work with a 5-2 vote. Alderman Roberts is hoping the board will now vote in favor of hiring former Mayor Davis as their new, ‘official’ City Planner. Roberts has stated that the hiring of Davis will actually save the city money. Davis’s base salary would be $42,000 which is less than the normal base pay for a person in this position. A vote on this matter will happen at the February 6 board meeting.

Due to Davis’s past legal issues, some people may not feel that he is the best choice for Horn Lake. It should be noted that Davis was found Not Guilty of the fraud and embezzlement charges brought against him. What do you think? Should Davis be hired as Horn Lake’s new City Planner?


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