Mississippi Senate Bill 2053, to replace Common Core, is in the Senate Education Committee for consideration. It must be voted on and passed in Committee in order for it to make it to the Senate floor for a vote. If you would like to see this bill make it out of Committee, PLEASE CONTACT THE SENATE EDUCATION COMMITTEE MEMBERS NOW. Below, I am sharing all of the members’ email addresses. All you have to do is copy and paste their email addresses into an email of your own and ask them to support SB 2053. Don’t wait!! Now is the time to act!!!

Mississippi Senate Education Committee

Chairman Gray Tollison:

gtollison @senate.ms.gov

Vice-Chairman Chris Caughman:

ccaughman @senate.ms.gov

Kevin Blackwell:

kblackwell @senate.ms.gov

Angela Hill:

ahill @senate.ms.gov

Chris Massey:

cmassey @senate.ms.gov

J.P. Wilemon:

jwilemon @senate.ms.gov

David Blount:

dblount @senate.ms.gov

Terry Burton:

tburton @senate.ms.gov

Buck Clarke:

bclarke @senate.ms.gov

Briggs Hopson:

bhopson @senate.ms.gov

Billy Hudson:

bhudson @senate.ms.gov

David Jordan:

djordan @senate.ms.gov

Sollie Norwood:

snorwood @senate.ms.gov

John Polk:

jpolk @senate.ms.gov

Brice Wiggins:

bwiggins @senate.ms.gov


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