Strengthening animal cruelty laws in the state of Mississippi has been very difficult over the last 3 legislative sessions. State Senator Angela Hill, from Picayune, has been working diligently with law enforcement agencies to get stronger legislation passed. No matter how hard Senator Hill and others have worked, these bills have been opposed by one big business, and each year, activists have protested against that business for (in their minds) causing the legislation to fail. What business? FARM BUREAU!

I am so very thankful for Senator Hill, 2 of our DeSoto Senators (David Parker and Kevin Blackwell), Senator Gollot and Senator Michel for continuing the fight to strengthen animal cruelty laws in our state and how these crimes are reported and tracked. You do not have to be an animal lover, advocate, rescuer or pet owner to care about this bill. Animal cruelty is known to be a precursor to larger crimes. If an individual will harm, abuse or torture a dog or cat, then they will most certainly harm an individual. All anyone has to do is check the MS Sex Offenders Registry to see all of the people registered for ‘unnatural’ crimes committed against animals. Our state needs stronger laws and punishments for these crimes.

I encourage you to read Senate Bill 2172, linked below, along with the letter of endorsement from the President of the MS Assoc. of Chiefs of Police. I am also sharing links to other articles and FBI info regarding this situation in our state and country. After reviewing this information, I hope you will share the information with others and encourage them to support this bill. You can also contact the bill’s respective Committee members and our legislators to urge them to support SB 2172. Your help and support will be greatly appreciated!

Link to the full text of SB 2172:


Links to articles from the 2015-2017 legislative sessions, regarding Farm Bureau lobbying against the proposed animal cruelty legislation in each of those years:

2015 Session –


2016 Session –


2017 Session –


Links to info regarding the FBI tracking animal cruelty and animal cruelty being a precursor for other larger crimes:




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