Each year in the Mississippi legislature, it is common for 2000-3000 bills or more to be submitted to various legislative committees for consideration during the legislative session. These bills must be passed in Committees before they can be considered and voted upon in the full House and Senate. Due to the large amount of measures submitted in this session, I am only going to highlight a small number of them here. I am focusing on Education bills in this post.

Below, you will find House Bills and Senate Bills submitted and still active in this year’s session pertaining to education. You can review the bill’s number, a brief summary of the bill and the legislator who is listed as the sponsor of the bill. I am also attaching a link to the Mississippi Legislature’s website where you can find all of the bills listed below as well as all other active measures in the legislature.

House Bills

HB 540 – School year; require to be calculated by hours instead of days to allow school districts more flexibility. DeSoto Rep Hopkins

HB 918 – Sex offender; prohibit from loitering within 500 feet of a playground, ballpark or recreational facility. Rep Gipson

HB 932 – Public school students; authorize use of community service as a disciplinary alternative to suspension or expulsion.

DeSoto Rep Henley

HB 928 – School term; revise to prohibit beginning before last Monday in August.

DeSoto Rep Criswell

HB 983 – Compulsory School Attendance Law; rename as the “Kindergarten Increases Diplomas (KIDs) Act,” and lower compulsory age to five years. Rep Gibbs

HB 103 – Assistant teachers; increase salary to $15,000.00 by providing incremental raises until the 2022-2023 school year at $500.00 per year. Rep Sanford

Senate Bills

SB 2004 – Local school board members; prescribe salary scale based upon school district student enrollment.

DeSoto Senator Blackwell

SB 2018 – High performance school districts; authorize local school boards to operate under same rules as charter schools.

Senator Wilemon

SB 2059 – Vaccination required for school attendance; authorize exemption upon objection of parent on parental or philosophical grounds.

Senator Hill

SB 2092 – School district cap on budget expenditures for administrative costs; revise.

Senator Tollison

Link to the Mississippi Legislature’s Legislation website link: http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/2018/pdf/all_measures/notdead.xml.

After you review these bills, share your thoughts, concerns and commments about them. Now is the time to review this legislation and make your feelings known. Only a small percentage of the bills make it out of their respective Committees and an even smaller percentage of those make it to the floor for a vote and are subsequently passed. Talk to your legislators now while the measures are still active, and as always, stay informed and stay engaged!


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