In this post, I am sharing the link below to the most recent update of all measures before the Mississippi state legislature this year. During every legislative session, there are approximately 2000-3000 bills authored but only a small percentage actually make it through committee and to the floor for a vote. This is a great time for citizens to review all of the current measures to see which ones you feel strongly about. Then, you can reach out to our legislators and express your support or concerns about those measures.

The link below should take you to the entire list of bills in both the House and the Senate. You can also go to the legislature’s home page and search by legislator to see what bill that particular individual is sponsoring. There are ways to search the legislation list without going through it in its entirety, but it is still early in the session for me to share or discuss the majority of measures presented. You will find that there are many similar or duplicate measures. As time progresses, those will usually filter down into one or two similar bills as opposed to 10 or more that are alike. Regardless of the amount of measures in existence, I encourage you to review the list. Don’t wait until it’s too late.




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