Human Sex Trafficking is a HUGE issue in this country and around the world. We often think that this particular issue will never directly impact ourselves or our communities, but nothing could be further from the truth. I would like to share some numbers and information with you. You may be surprised when you review this information.

First, I want to share the numbers of REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS that we have in Mississippi and in some counties and cities from around the state.

There are approximately 7696 registered sex offenders in Mississippi.

There are 637 registered sex offenders in Hinds County (530 in Jackson, MS).

127 in Greenville

245 in Meridian

145 in DeSoto County

226 in Gulfport

52 in Tunica County

105 in Marshall County

60 in Corinth

183 in Hattiesburg

89 in Lucedale

73 in Starkville

79 in Oxford

67 in Grenada

96 in Yazoo City

71 in Natchez

61 in Pontotoc

107 in Tupelo

And for those of us in DeSoto County, there are 2294 registered sex offenders in the city of Memphis, TN just across the state line.

Secondly, if you were to review all of these numbers and individuals on the sex offender’s registry, you would find that the majority of these people were convicted of crimes involving children or individuals who are 16 years old or younger. Think about that!!! If you were to review this same information, you would also likely find that one or more of these individuals were convicted of human trafficking. It didn’t take long for me to find that we have 2 individuals in DeSoto County alone who were convicted of trafficking. (See pictures below). One of the two actually lives in Olive Branch, and the other individual works or goes to school in DeSoto County but lives in the Memphis area. You can’t get much closer to home than that!

If you are a parent, educator or someone who regularly works closely with children, I encourage you to make yourself aware of the information here and provided by the MS Sex Offender’s Registry. We must protect our children from becoming another statistic.

Link to The MS Sex Offenders Registry:



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