All media outlets were buzzing yesterday over Trump, Bannon and Russia. I haven’t written anything lately about national politics, but yesterday’s news was too good to resist.

So………What happened?!

Trump speaks the truth about Bannon, so Bannon is now attacking Trump and Don JR. in regards to Russia. Trump finally made Bannon look like the fool that he is, so Bannon retaliates and uses the situation to make himself somehow appear to be relevant or important even though he is not. This is a typical play right out of the Bannon play book (which has been used by the perceived king of Conservative politics here in MS and exactly why Bannon and those that continue to follow people like him will never succeed). Their playbook is a recipe for destruction and failure to their own agendas and self serving goals.

A few plays from their playbook go something like this……..

1. Latch onto whomever or whatever gets you lots of attention and recognition to help bolster your own political career and agenda in the future.

2. Talk a lot about the Constitution while speaking against the establishment (which in their definition of establishment means anyone who disagrees with what they are saying).

3. Make a lot of bold threats and statements against the opposition subsequently instilling fear into all supporters so that they will follow suit because any action to the contrary will result in the death of Conservatism, Christianity, the Constitution and Liberty in this country.

4. Make promises to supporters and followers that are absolutely unattainable but promise them in a way that sounds convincing and will make them believe the goals are attainable so they will continue to follow your lead.

5. If someone they have supported no longer follows the pack or gives support, put out false commentary and stories about that individual in an attempt to destroy that individual’s reputation and credibility at all costs. There are no boundaries or limits where this is concerned. It becomes all out war at this point.

6. Make yourself look like a martyr for The People at all times so no matter what wrong you do, it is always overshadowed or completely dismissed as FAKE NEWS or nothing more than an attack against you from the establishment and Democrats.

7. Travel around frequently to areas that support you in an attempt to obtain financial contributions and donations to further finance your personal agendas while also projecting the appearance of a larger number of supporters than you actually have.

8. Over embellish all current or former positions held to make oneself appear to be far more relevant, important, knowledgeable and influential than one actually is.

9. FEED ON ALL OF THOSE NEWLY INVOLVED IN POLITICS…..use them as much as you can before they learn the truth about you or become educated enough to challenge you and your rhetoric. Work them hard, make them feel important to the cause, but always be prepared to chop their heads off as soon as they go against you or anything that you support.

10. Never ever be afraid to go against anyone, including the POTUS, if you can find a way to justify your actions. Make your decision appear to be for a righteous and just cause and in the best interest of The People. You must challenge anyone that defies you and create a false narrative or story about that person to at least minimize any negativity aimed towards you.

I hope Mississippians read Trump’s statement below and Bannon’s news article rants. We could easily change Bannon’s name in Trump’s statement to someone else here closer to home.

This brings joy to my new year. I will refrain from saying I TOLD YOU SO to those I had in mind when writing this post.




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