Mario Collins of Memphis, TN and Paulette Clayton of Atlanta, GA are the two individuals, pictured below, who have now been convicted of human trafficking in Oxford, MS. I shared the news report about them in the post before this one. One of my Facebook readers asked to see their faces, so I am writing about this story again today with their faces as the primary image of the story.

This situation is by far NOT an isolated incident, and as you can read from this one news report, it involved multiple states. The two individuals convicted of the crime reside in two separate states and brought the victim into our state and crossed other state lines while doing so. Human trafficking is happening right under our noses every day. The prime targets are young women and children. Mississippi has always been considered to be a small, rural state in this country. As you can see though, this type of criminal activity is no longer something that only happens in big cities or in states that border other countries. This is a nationwide and worldwide epidemic, and the size of the state, city or town is no longer relevant. It happens EVERYWHERE!

I am most grateful to all of the law enforcement agencies, advocacy groups and individuals who are working together to bring these criminals to justice. No one deserves to be enslaved, sold and used like this. Thank you to all of the people who are fighting this fight daily. You are appreciated!!!

(Photo is courtesy of WREG in Memphis, TN)


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