I am sharing an update from state Senator Angela Hill in regards to some proposed changes being considered tomorrow at the Board of Medical Licensure’s meeting. These changes will significantly impact citizens, the way certain prescriptions are handled and telemedicine. Please be aware of this and review the post below to see the proposed changes.

Update from Senator Angela Hill:

Board of Medical lisensure meets tomorrow at 1pm.

FYI please share. This isn’t the dental board.

Some major proposed changes are:

*Doctors can only write opioid prescriptions for seven days and a refill for another seven days for non-cancerous or non-terminal pain. The new restrictions apply to post-surgery pain.

*Every doctor, regardless of specialty, must use the PMP upon “initial contact with new patients” and every 90 days afterwards for patients who receive controlled substances.

*Patients must be drug-tested each time a schedule II medication is prescribed.

*Pain management practices must be at least 50% owned by a Mississippi-licensed physicians AND the physician must practice in Mississippi at least 20 hours per week.

*A physical exam AND a doctor-patient relationship must be established for ALL prescriptions, not just controlled substances. This will substantially affect telemedicine companies (1.11).


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