In the southern states (especially in Mississippi), a considerable amount of time and attention seems to be spent promoting, debating, defending, supporting, criticizing or arguing about the Civil Rights Movement, the Confederacy, flags, statues, slavery and monuments. In recent months, people have focused a lot of attention on the NFL players’ protests, the Black Lives Matter groups, Antifa, the KKK and neo Natzis. It saddens me to see people allowing others to divide us and more importantly taking our time and attention away from the real tragedies in this world today.

Regardless of where you stand on the issues above, it cannot be disputed that the United States of America provides us with more freedoms and liberties than any other country in the world. And while we sit here arguing over the history of slavery in our country, there is actual modern day slavery happening across the world. I am sharing the video below to expose some of this slavery. People need to appreciate how good we have it in this country. I am quite certain that the men in the video below, being sold for $400 and oftentimes kept in cages, would give anything to have what we do. Imagine if we all came together to fight human trafficking in our country and the type of slavery happening in the video. What a difference we could truly make.

Watch this video made by CNN. The reporter went undercover to expose men being sold for $400 or so. Arabs were auctioning off Libyans. This is real, and this is happening in the world today.



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