Please know that school officials and law enforcement are very much aware of this situation and are handling it. If you see police at the school today, it is being done as a precautionary measure. I have personally spoken to several people close to this situation. Some students have stated that this would have never occurred if the principal had been at school this week. (He has been out of town on school related business). Paul Chrestman replaced Levi Williams as principal of SMS once Mr. Williams was appointed as the new district Transportation Director. I think some SMS students have a new found appreciation for their principal. They better understand that being ‘strict’ (as they would say) keeps students safe and on the right path.  Mr. Chrestman appears to be doing a great job at the school.  It is just unfortunate that this situation has occurred in his absence.


I encourage parents to talk to your kids, educate them on how to handle conflict and be sure to keep the lines of communication open. Work with the schools and staff to help prevent these situations from arising. Teachers are not miracle workers. They aren’t psychologists either. Parents are responsible for their children and their actions. Don’t let your child go to school and hurt other students or make violent threats. We don’t need our schools or students becoming another statistic.


See the full story here:  



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