Over the last 5-8 years, many things have changed in education at the state and federal levels in turn impacting local schools.  When I talk to teachers about the issues they are facing today, due to these changes, it has surprised me to learn that so many are unaware of the reasons for or people responsible for these changes in their schools.  With that in mind, I am writing this post to inform educators and citizens in regards to one particular area of education in Mississippi, the Mississippi Professional Growth System.

“The Mississippi Educator and Administrator Professional Growth System is designed to improve student achievement by providing teachers and administrators with clear, specific, actionable, and timely feedback to inform continuous improvement.”
To put this in simpler terms, it is the evaluation system used statewide for teachers and administrators.  I encourage you to review the documents below. Hopefully, these will show a small portion of what is expected from our educators and will help you to better understand the system used to evaluate them.    

Several years ago, when I first started writing about the teacher evaluation system, M-Star, I remember so many people believing that it would be no big deal. Now, teachers are seeing just how bad it is or can be. It is hard enough for a teacher to be expected to work an unlimited amount of hours for very little pay, but when you add to that the transition to today’s Common Core standards and methodology, changes in technology and the amount of computer programs they are expected to learn, state testing changes, Case 21 testing, virtually no help for ELL students, kids waiting for months to be tested for SPED, constantly creating lessons because there are very few textbooks used and then use this evaluation system to grade their performance, I really don’t understand how we have any individuals left who are willing to teach. This issue isn’t isolated to MS either. Teachers across the country are experiencing these problems which is why so many are ready to throw in the towel. 

Review the documents, and I will share more at a later date, concerning this issue.

Link to the Mississippi Professional Growth System for Educators and all of its associated links, including the ones below:


Link to PGS Overview:


Teacher Growth Rubric:



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