The article below from the Washington Times reports on the large number of millennials that want to live in Socialism. It really bothers me to see these huge numbers from this particular age group, feeling this way. During the Presidential election, the majority of anti-Trump protestors at rallies (that I personally attended) seemed to be millennials wearing Socialism and Bernie Sanders t-shirts. What’s also interesting from this article is the amount of millennials who are unaware of the actual definition of and principles behind Socialism. Is the breakdown here coming from a lack of actual History being taught in schools or is the anti-America propaganda shaping the minds of this generation?  

With the significant influence of social media into our mainstream America and the world today, I think adults have failed this age group miserably. Our kids watch and listen to everything that we say and do, especially online. Society, today, throws around catch phrases, memes and certain words that our kids take as literal and predominant as opposed to adults venting frustration or grievances from their personal life experiences. Why wouldn’t they gravitate to another kind of societal belief system when everything about America is being portrayed so negatively? It is much easier to blame the educational system than for adults/parents to take responsibility for their actions. For our children’s sakes, I hope the adults in our country will start looking at our educational system and within ourselves to see what changes need to be made without blame, egos and dollar signs leading the way. Our children are depending on us to show them the way to a successful future.



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