“Opioids will claim a record number of Mississippi lives this year, state officials say as the 2017 death total nears 200.

At the end of 2016, there were 99 confirmed opioid overdose deaths. The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics was able to independently confirm another 112 through the Department of Vital Statistics, bringing the final number to 211,” reported the Clarion Ledger.


Just a few months ago, it was reported by WREG Channel 3 News in Memphis that DeSoto County leads the state of Mississippi in heroin overdoses.  The numbers and statistics are alarming.  The opioid crisis is having a devestating effect on our country.  I encourage you to research this issue and especially if you have kids.  The ways these drugs are being made today is making it cheaper and easier for people to buy.  The WREG link below also provides a phone number and website information if you or someone you know is suffering from this addiction and needs help.  Great information to have as this issue continues to grow in numbers. As always, stay informed and stay engaged!



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