Community involvement in our local schools is incredibly important for the success of our children, our schools and our cities. The Trunk or Treat event at OBIS, today, made me so proud of our city and county for coming together to do something nice for the school, the staff and the students. I want to thank Mayor Scott Phillips, School Board Member Milton Nichols, County Supervisor Mark Gardner, Amanda Uselton (representing Superintendent Uselton and their family), the OBPD, the OBFD, Mike Fox and my children, Abby and Madden, for participating in and contributing to this event today. It is crucial for our schools to know that they have community support, and days like today let them know that they do.  

Thank you to Mrs. Hellums, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Patterson and the staff of OBIS for all you do. You all work so hard and are greatly appreciated! Thank you to former OBIS Principal Claudette Smith and Counselor Jonathan Barnes for starting the annual Trunk or Treat event and for giving me a chance to be a part of it and the OBIS Family. Every one of you matter to me and to our community! Happy Halloween!! 😊🎃

(Some pictures below are courtesy of the City of Olive Branch and Jay Nichols. You can go to their FB page to see more).


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