Over the last week or so, there has been a lot of controversy coming from a group of people in Southaven over the future use of the Arena in Southaven. While that issue was decided this past Monday by the mayor and BOA, I want to share something that I came across today, reinforcing one of the many REAL reasons for me that flea markets are not good for a community.

What can you get from a flea market that you can’t get from the many, MANY thrift shops, consignment stores, Goodwills, Dirt Cheap stores, eBay, resell FB pages, Craigslist or Bargain Hunt stores that exist everywhere today?! I will tell you what you get. Animals are being sold by less than reputable people like dog breeders and flippers who in most cases are selling an animal without the proper care, training or treatment to people who oftentimes don’t care about having a pet or don’t have the money or resources to care for one.

One big issue for me, personally, and many others in the Animal Rescue world are dog flippers and breeders. With the huge amount of animal cruelty issues that we are facing daily along with maximum capacity filled ‘high kill’ animal shelters, dog fighters and so many animals bred from puppy mills, we also have to deal with breeders and dog flippers looking to make a buck. These people do not vaccinate, train or care for the animals they sell. They simply want to make a quick dollar by selling a puppy that they got for free or cheap or possibly stole, then they flip it to make a profit. When people buy these animals, it is very common for them to end up dead, in a shelter or discarded. For this reason, many in the Animal Rescue world regularly monitor Craigslist because we know it is a breeding ground for dog fighters, flippers and breeders. So when I came across the ad below today, I was reminded of one of many reasons that flea markets are not all that they are made out to be by some.  

If you want to make a difference in your community, promote things that add value to the community, improves the economy and/or saves lives. I can promise you that a flea market does not add value. And I am ashamed that this will be allowed at the Arena in Southaven this weekend. It is shameful! I had much rather have recreational facilities that add value to the community any day over this. I am very thankful that Mayor Musselwhite and the BOA voted to pass the indoor volleyball, recreational facility.


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