A little over a year or so ago, I made my predictions as to WHO would be appointed by Governor Bryant to fill Senator Cochran’s Senate seat should Cochran resign prior to the end of his term. SO MANY PEOPLE thought I was crazy when I said Tate Reeves would be the choice, but most of these individuals had admittedly never considered the reasoning for my choice. I am happy to see from the article below that I am not alone in my thinking. You can read the article below for some of those reasons, but I want to expand further on this.

First, many people across the state have voiced their concerns to me, regarding the next race for governor. The majority do not believe that Tate Reeves can beat Jim Hood and that Reeves does not have the likability or the characteristics needed to be our next governor. The majority favor Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann as the better choice and the one more likely and able to beat Hood. Everyone knows that Hosemann will not challenge Reeves if he were to run for governor. This causes a lot of concern for many in the GOP and puts us in a quandary.

Now, for all of those who do not like our Lt. Gov., appointing him to the Senate would take him out of the state legislature and open up a myriad of possibilities for that position. Whether or not Gov. Bryant and the Lt. Gov. are allies or foes is irrelevant. It paves the way for Hosemann to be able to run for Governor. It takes Reeves out of the legislature and sets the stage for someone ‘more agreeable’ to fill that position. Regardless of anyone’s feelings about Reeves, he would still have to run again in a few short years for the Senate seat. For those that do not like him, you would have the opportunity to vote him out after a short time in office. For those that don’t like him, it takes Reeves out of the powerful position of Lt. Governor. All appointing him would do is give Reeves a head start on his next challenger should someone run against him in a few years. This seems like an obvious win-win for all, regardless if you support Reeves or not. 

This brings us to a very important question though. Would Tate Reeves want the Senate seat?  
My answer is simple. WHY WOULDN’T HE?!

1. The U.S. Senate seat is a lot more powerful than that of the governor’s position and especially for someone Reeves’s age. Just imagine the seniority possibilities for him down the road. I am sure there are plenty of people that would agree Tate Reeves likes power and/or to be in control. The governor does not have that kind of power. The governor does not have the kind of power that the Lt. Governor does. This reason alone is more in line with Reeves going after a Senate seat over that of governor.

2. Reeves is probably the less charismatic of all of our statewide elected leaders. I don’t say this to be negative, but it is the truth. He is more introverted and definitely not one to run all over the state, kissing babies and making small talk with people. Reeves is not the politician to give award winning, motivational speeches, and all of these things are usually expected out of the governor. The governor of any state is more like the Public Relations Director of the State. He is the face of the state of MS. He is a mediator of sorts between The People and the legislature. He has many, many roles which require a substantially strong ability to get along and work well with others. I think a lot of people would agree that this is not Tate Reeves’s strong suit and maybe not what he is most comfortable doing. On the other hand, in the Senate, you need someone that is driven, strong, fearless, well connected and able to get legislation passed. I think we can all agree that Reeves definitely has all of those abilities and qualities. 

3. Someone like Tate Reeves does not go as far as he has in the state and at such an early age to not have already set aim on positions higher than that of the governor. I am sure he has already planned ahead and is ready should something like this come along for him. He hasn’t been building his coffers for nothing, and there are ways that his cash on hand can be handled to pave way for a Senate run.

Lastly, as for CL’s Pender and his two other possibilities as a replacement for Thad Cochran, McDaniel is not even a possibility or consideration for the governor in my opinion. Gregg Harper is a definite possibility, but I think it ultimately comes down to Tate Reeves as the number one choice and Harper as a second choice. There could be someone that none of us have considered, but I doubt that is the case. The trickle down effect that this decision will have on MS is too great for just any person in elected office or otherwise to be considered. Guess we will all have to wait and see. Many things can change between now and then, so stay tuned.

Click on the link below to read the article in the Clarion Ledger by Geoff Pender.



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