When I read the post below, it really brought tears to my eyes because I have heard so many teachers in our district and state say these same exact words. The only teachers that say positive things to me anymore about their profession are those not working in a public school. No one is happy. Everyone feels beaten down. Granted there are those educators that may disagree, but the majority will agree with me. Many teachers, that I know, are planning on leaving our schools next year. They have had enough. I have never known a profession to treat their college graduate (or higher educated) employees as if they have no education or training at all as predominantly so as education.

Common Core, M-Star, Case 21, constant state testing and the like are killing our teachers. A significant amount of teachers are now on anxiety medications and antidepressants. They work all of the time, are not compensated well or fairly for the hours that they put in and are under constant scrutiny. I don’t know how they do it. I really don’t.  

These educational issues are systemic, nationwide problems resulting in a teacher shortage in most areas of the country. It is truly sad. And the lack of parental and community support in many public schools nationwide is a tragedy too. It only adds to the teachers’ feelings of hopelessness. Sadly, I see this only getting worse until people really stand up and work towards making significant changes. We need to make significant changes at the state and federal levels before we lose all of our really good teachers.

Click on the following link and read this post from a teacher.



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