This post is dedicated to all persons concerned about race, discrimination and ward lines as a reminder that we truly are NOT as divided as some would like you to believe. Unfortunately, it takes a tragedy or natural disaster to remind most people of how united we really are and can be. 18 years ago, my life changed forever, and honestly, I wasn’t certain that I would even be alive today. During this time in 1999, I was shown a place where color, race and gender are not seen. We were all the same.

This article was written by the husband of a lady I once knew and spent time with in 1999. (I was 25 years old then and living in Southaven). I did something for this woman not knowing the impact it would have and definitely not thinking that her husband would write an article about it in the Grenada, MS newspaper. It is these moments in life when we realize what a profound difference we can make in the lives of others, regardless of age, color, religion or any other particular affiliation. This is the kind of accomplishment that means something to me, and one that I would typically keep private. I just think it is a good reminder that we are all the same. There are many things that do not discriminate, and cancer is definitely one of them.


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