For years now, I have reported on contract issues within education in MS, locally and statewide. Between the recent JPS controversy and this MDE issue, it should be more than apparent that we have MAJOR problems in education in MS. Yes, funding and spending are big problems, but not because there is a lack of funding. The problems are as follows: overspending of funds to benefit friends and family in education, improper contracts and handling of contracts, decision makers without financial backgrounds making major financial decisions and N E P O T I S M run amuck! It starts at the top and works its way down into our school systems statewide. It’s beyond time to get this under control. Our students and teachers don’t deserve to go without because the people at the top help their friends and family to gain financial windfalls in the form of ‘contracts for services’.  Hopefully, something will be done to fix these problems.

Read the article below for all of the details.



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