The City of Hernando water rates will be increasing as voted upon this week by Hernando aldermen. An automatic, yearly water rate increase of up to 3% per year was voted on and approved by city officials. This amounts to a
$.56-$.85 increase for water usage of 2000-4000 gallons. Hernando aldermen did include a provision that allows them to not raise the water rate or to increase it by a lesser amount. This will be discussed and voted on each fiscal year. The automatic water increase will amount to an approximate $1.26 million increase for the city.

As reported last week, Hernando city officials voted to raise property taxes. The aldermen voted to approve a 5.8 mill increase which was the first increase in decades. This was a unanimous vote with the exception of one alderman who was absent for the vote. That same alderman was present though to vote on the budget. He did vote to approve the budget which included the increase.  

Discussions during this meeting pertained to the need of pay increases for law enforcement and the fire department. It was also stated that new equipment and ambulances are greatly needed. Department heads were give pay increases with the exception of the Parks and Recreation Department Director. City officials stated that Hernando is losing employees to other cities because their pay is not competitive. The mayor and aldermen believe this increase will help the city get to where it needs to be.

Another new change for Hernando is the hiring of Keith Briley, former Horn Lake Planning Director, as the city’s new head of planning. This change was reported last week as well.

Check out the City of Hernando’s website for more details. The link below will take you to the city’s board meetings’ minutes and agendas.


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