According to this recent article, we spend on average $18,000 PER YEAR PER TEACHER ON PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT!

Are we really spending $18,000/YEAR PER TEACHER on Professional Development?!!!!

And if so, WHY does this profession require more CEU’s, professional development and training than doctors, lawyers, nurses and any other profession?  For $18,000/year, teachers could be enrolled full time at Ole Miss and still not exceed that amount.  THINK ABOUT THIS!!! And if they aren’t spending that amount, where did that number come from?

Here is the exact quote from the article below; “Despite the fact that districts spend on average about $18,000 per year per teacher on professional development, we still don’t know exactly what sort of professional development leads to substantial teaching improvements. What we do know is that professional development is more likely to be successful if the training is sustained, relevant to the daily work of teachers, and involves collaboration among colleagues.”

It is alarming to me that our teachers are required to be continuously trained and professionally developed even after they have successfully completed college and possibly even received a Master’s degree or higher. No wonder they struggle in the classroom, work so many hours and feel beat down. Either too much is being expected of them or they aren’t receiving adequate training prior to becoming a licensed educator. Which ever answer it may be, it is astounding and seems ridiculous to me. Not to mention that this article states, “we still don’t know exactly what sort of professional development leads to substantial teaching improvements.”  

Now, if we are paying the Bailey Education Group companies of the world (companies that provide professional development and training to schools and teachers) $1700/day for one employee of theirs to work in our schools, maybe, just maybe, that is the problem! We pay these ‘consultants’ and ‘vendors’ excessive amounts of money for next to nothing. The people that work for these educational groups are typically former MS school district and MDE employees. Maybe we should rethink this situation and cut out the middle man. We would save so much money by paying their employees directly, their $500-$700/day wage, eliminating the $1000-$1200/day fee paid to the company by having these former MS district employees working directly for the schools or MDE. For a state that constantly hammers the message ‘WE NEED MORE MONEY’, we need to seriously reevaluate our spending, the quality of services we are receiving and how we can get the biggest bang for our buck.

I may not be a licensed educator, but common sense and the numbers tell me that something isn’t adding up here. I sure wish more people would pay attention to issues like this. Until they do, nothing will ever change.

Read the full article here:



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