Discrimination happens to more people than just one race and because of more than just one issue. A person’s weight has, oftentimes, caused discrimination and bullying against an individual. Too many times to count, this treatment has resulted in very unfortunate and tragic events such as the incident below.  

While it is extremely disheartening that students would bully other students, I want to focus on the adults and parents right now. Personally speaking, I have seen the most disgusting, hateful and grotesque behavior from the adults (parents, Christians, supposed role models and educators) in our county, state and nationally over the last several years. I want you all to think about this. Every time you choose to say horrible things about someone or something in front of your children, write something negative and derogatory on your social media sites, slander people, gossip or text/email negative memes and blurbs about others…….YOUR CHILDREN WITNESS THIS AND MODEL THE BEHAVIOR! The best way to tackle bullying starts with those adults that are most influential to our children: parents, educators and church leaders (to name a few). Our children watch everything that we do. I know my children do. Think about this the next time you open fire on someone or something in front of your kids or somewhere that your kids can access online or on your phone.

With that being said, please pray for this student and her family for peace and healing. None of our kids are as angelic as we would like to believe they are, and they all make mistakes. Encourage your kids to make better choices and be mindful of others’ feelings. Bullying has led to suicide for too many students already. One teen has already paid the price for text messages that were viewed as contributing to the suicide of another teen. Don’t let your child throw their life away or destroy the life of someone else due to bullying. Just some food for thought today.

Watch/read the news report about the Horn Lake High freshman here:



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