I am so incredibly proud of our city officials in Olive Branch for building this amazing playground in our city park. They replaced the old play area with a new, handicap accessible and special needs friendly, all inclusive play area. The colors are beautiful! The new equipment and covers for shade are awesome!!!! My kiddos are over the moon excited about it. The fact that a special needs child in a wheelchair was able to swing for the first time yesterday is truly a blessing. This new playground is truly special. Thank you Mayor Scott Phillips, Aldermen Joy Henderson, Mark Aldridge, David Wallace, Dale Dickerson, Pat Hamilton, George Collins and Gil Earhart and Parks and Recreation Director Will McNeer. We appreciate you and thank you for an amazing playground, and let’s not forget the awesome dog park that you all put in just a short time ago. Thank you so much!! And thank you, Jay Nichols, as always for your awesome videography and PR for our city! You are pretty darn good too!! 😊

I also want to thank our U.S. Senator Roger Wicker for attending yesterday’s event.  I know that citizens and city officials alike were glad to have him in attendance.  😊

Check out these incredible pictures of the new park from the Grand Opening yesterday!  Photography and videography is courtesy of City of Olive Branch Public Relations Director Jay Nichols.


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