OBHS has a new principal, in case you haven’t heard. Last night, Jacob Stripling was named as the new principal of OBHS, replacing Allyson Killough who will be going to the Career Tech Center in Horn Lake. I can only hope and pray that this change will be well received by those in the Olive Branch community. I think Mr. Uselton made a great decision in choosing Mr. Stripling for this position.

Obviously, there has been one controversy after another at OBHS ever since Kyle Brigance was removed as the principal and Coach Samsel terminated as the head coach. Olive Branch was definitely taken in a new direction once Brigance and Samsel were removed, but as most have come to realize, it was definitely the WRONG direction. While many hard feelings and bad blood still exists, I genuinely hope that everyone will support the new principal and find a way to start moving the school in the right direction. Our kids and our community have suffered long enough. We cannot go back and change what has happened over the last four years, but we can all work together to help move things forward in the right direction.  

As for Jacob Stripling, I have heard from several of my trusted sources, and they say that he is an incredibly good person, professional and highly respected. Their comments confirmed my thoughts of him. I truly believe that Mr. Stripling was a great decision for OBHS. He definitely has a long, hard road ahead of him and will need our support, but he can do this. We just need to give him a chance. 

Read the article below for all of the details.


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