Another coach at OBHS bites the dust, and I have been contacted by many of you for my opinion on the situation and with questions about the status of the Samsel lawsuit. My opinion is the same today as it has been all along. The coaches aren’t the problem. The administration is the problem. Until the leadership changes, these issues will continue to exist.

It has been no secret that Killough has been wanting to fire Coach Hurt for awhile. She was not permitted to terminate him as coach until the Samsel lawsuit was settled. Now that the case has been settled, Killough has wasted no time in relieving Coach Hurt of his coaching position. How anyone can expect Olive Branch to ever be able to find a coach after the last 3-4 years of controversy and constant revolving coaches is beyond me. At some point, people have to realize that this is a Killough and leadership issue. Either the administration is unable to properly vet potential new hires and make good employment hiring decisions or the administration is failing miserably when it comes to building a working relationship with the coach and is lacking in experience and knowledge as to how a football program operates. Either way, this does not speak well for those at OBHS making the decisions. It’s definitely time for change.

As a side note here, I want to clarify one part of the article below. It was reported that Samsel and the district had settled ‘their differences’ in the court case with both sides paying their own attorney fees. It comes across as if Samsel lost the case and had to pay his attorney. That is absolutely false. The case was settled with Samsel receiving a monetary settlement that cannot be disclosed. Samsel’s attorney will receive a percentage of that monetary settlement as is the norm in cases like these. Attorneys often take cases with their fees being contingent on a settlement as is the case here. I will expand on the Samsel case at a later time in the very near future, so stay tuned for that.

In closing, I only have this to say. It has been a real shame that many of the adults in this situation seem to show so little concern for how all of this controversy is affecting students and fail to acknowledge the negative impact their actions have had on the school environment and in the community. It is time for OBHS students to have some real structure, support and stability from their administration. It is time for the community to be able to have an administration that they can put their trust into. It’s time for what’s right to win out in the end, so all I can do is pray that it does.

Read the article below:



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