Three school district employees in the Calhoun County Schools District are reportedly being charged with failing to report alleged sex crimes. As I have discussed many times on this page, it is against the law for school district officials to not report a suspected crime. According to state law, school officials must report suspected crimes within 72 hours. Parents and citizens would be flabbergasted at the amount of suspected crimes that are left unreported. 

Oftentimes, school district officials hesitate reporting crimes for a number of reasons. But the most important thing for anyone in those positions to remember is that you can and will be charged if you violate the law. An official may have a close working relationship with someone and/or question the validity of the claim being made or may simply want to avoid any negative publicity or negative impact that an allegation of a crime could have on a school or district, but these should always take a backseat to what is required by law. It is always better to be safe than sorry.  

Read the article below for more details about this story.


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