There were a lot of rumors and speculation circulating in the school district about all of the principal positions to be filled as well as the upcoming job changes within the central office. I, for one, am very excited about the selections and changes. There is no way for Mr. Uselton to make everyone happy or satisfy each individual’s wants and needs, but I do think there has been progress even if it isn’t always visible to the masses.  

I haven’t written a lot about the schools lately, as many of you regularly point out to me. 😜 But, I have my reasons. There was a time to push and fight for what is right against those few that continuously did wrong, and now, IMO, it’s time to sit back, give Mr. Uselton and the school board a chance to make changes and let things play out. The work has been done. The truth is out there. Many things are happening behind the scenes, and I am happy about all of it, even if it is never known or recognized by the majority.  

Congrats to all of the people that have earned new positions. I wish you all well.

Read the article below for all of the details.


One thought on “New Principals and Job Changes at DeSoto County Schools

  1. Great to finally see all of Desoto County Schools benefit from the integrity and leadership of Cory Usleton. We all knew he would deliver fairness and restore faith in the system.

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