With the election of former DeSoto County Circuit Court Judge Bobby Chamberlin to the Mississippi Supreme Court, we have had new judge appointments. Judge Celeste Wilson was appointed by Governor Bryant as the new Circuit Court Judge, filling Chamberlin’s former seat. In turn, DeSoto County Prosecutor Craig Treadway was appointed to fill Celeste Wilson’s former judge seat in our DeSoto County juvenile court. With that appointment, it left us without a County Prosecutor until the election in November. This week, the Board of Supervisors appointed Attorney and Judge Jim Holland as our new County Prosecutor, and personally speaking, I couldn’t be anymore excited about this choice.

Jim Holland has served DeSoto County and Horn Lake in a number of legal capacities while also maintaining his private law firm, Holland Law P.C., in Horn Lake. Anyone that knows Jim, whether personally or professionally, will tell you what an incredible person he is. Jim is extremely honest, fair, easy to work with and just a great, Christian man. He is respected by many people, and I know that he will do a great job and do well in the election. CONGRATS Jim Holland on this appointment!


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