Are you aware of the fact that none of Mississippi’s 8 public universities fly the state flag? Do you think they should because Representative William Shirley (R-Quitman) along with some DeSoto Representatives and others in the legislature and state believe they should.  

Several attempts have been made this year to tie funding for higher education to the flying of the state flag, penalizing universities if they do not fly it. Two attempts were made yesterday to push this issue but failed. One final motion to hold for reconsideration this morning failed as well. Will this end the state flag debate? (I don’t think so).

After a 19 year old white supremacist killed nine, black church members in South Carolina in 2015, the Confederate flag along with any flag displaying the emblem came under great scrutiny. As with all tragedies that gain wide media attention nationally, the public’s reaction is often rash and emotionally based. Why have the actions of one teenager become representative of everyone that flies the flag? Do people view the flag as divisive or discriminatory? Shouldn’t public bodies be required to display our state’s flag and emblems? What are your thoughts on this?

Read the article regarding this issue here:


Cover photo from the AP and Clarion Ledger


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