The DeSoto County municipal qualifying deadline has passed, so here are the candidates running for office.

Olive Branch Candidates
Mayor – Scott Phillips (R incumbent) is unopposed

Ward 1 Alderman – Gil Earhart (R incumbent), Calvin James, Sr. (Independent) and Demetrius Holt (D)

Ward 2 Alderman – Pat Hamilton (R incumbent) and Stacy Jones, Sr. (D)

Ward 3 Alderman – Joy Henderson (R incumbent) and Patricia Ann Brady (D)

Ward 4 Alderman – David Wallace (R incumbent), Tanner Kuntz (R), Shawn Braddock (R) and Otis Simmons (D)

Ward 5 Alderman – Mark Aldridge (R incumbent) is unopposed

Ward 6 Alderman – Dale Dickerson (R incumbent) is unopposed

Alderman at-large – George Collins (R incumbent), Steve Sutton (R) and Martha Saulsberry (D)

Southaven Candidates
Mayor – Darren Musselwhite (R incumbent), Tommy Henley (R) and James Weifenbach (R)

Ward 1 Alderman – Kristian Kelly (R incumbent) and Ray Ashmore (R)

Ward 2 Alderman – Ronnie Hale (R incumbent), Colton Nelson (R) and Brenda Anderson (D)

Ward 3 Alderman – George Payne (R incumbent) and Norm Arent (R)

Ward 4 Alderman – Joel Gallagher (R incumbent) and Catherine Griggs-Watson (D)

Ward 5 Alderman – Scott Ferguson (R incumbent) and John Wheeler (R)

Ward 6 Alderman – Raymond Flores (R incumbent) and Janet Catchings (D)

Alderman at-large – William Brooks (R incumbent) is unopposed

Hernando Candidates
Mayor – Chip Johnson (R incumbent) and Tom Ferguson (R)

Ward 1 Alderman – Sonny Bryant (R incumbent) is unopposed

Ward 2 Alderman – Andrew Miller (Indep. Incumbent) and Elsie Sandidge (D)

Ward 3 Alderman – Garry Higdon (R incumbent) and Ben Piper (R)

Ward 4 Alderman – Mike McLendon (R incumbent) and Wesley Callahan (R)

Ward 5 Alderman – Cathy Brooks (R incumbent) and Beth Ross (R)

Ward 6 Alderman – Jeff Hobbs (R incumbent) is unopposed

Alderman at-large – Doc Harris (R) and Jim Bob Liston (R)

Horn Lake Candidates
Mayor – Allen Latimer (R incumbent) and Michael Guice (R)

Ward 1 Alderman – Amy Lay (R incumbent), Paul Alford (R) and Steven Harvard (R)

Ward 2 Alderman – Tommy Bledsoe (R incumbent) and David Eubanks (R)

Ward 3 Alderman – Tim Smith (R incumbent), Kerry Rakestraw (R), LaDerious Williams (D) and Calvin Freeman (D)

Ward 4 Alderman – Charlie Roberts (R incumbent), Randy Holt (R) and Hester Jackson-McCray (D)

Ward 5 Alderman – Francis Miller (R), Brian Payne (R) and LaShonda Johnson (D)

Ward 6 Alderman – John Jones (“R incumbent) and Rita Klein (R)

Alderman at-large – Donnie White (R incumbent), Regina Morris (R) and Wendell Siggers (Independent)

The primary election will be held on May 2, 2017. Any runoff election will be held on May 16, 2017. The general election will be held on June 6, 2017.  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


4 thoughts on “2017 DeSoto County Municipal Candidates List

    • I have corrected it. I have the list of qualifying candidates. It was just an oversight on my part. Sorry!

      • No worries, I assumed it was just an honest mistake. I just didn’t want there to be any false impressions that he had been in office for any length of time. People tend to vote for the person “that’s always been there”, instead of the new person they may not know. This just helps to show we are both the new guy. Thanks for the quick response.

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