Last night’s speech by President Trump has received more praise than any other speech that he has given to date.  In case you missed it, click on the following link to watch the full speech. 


When I think back to where our state and country were 4-5 years ago, it seems almost inconceivable that we have made it to where we are now.  Yet, here we are.  As a person that has advocated for education, school choice and special needs and disadvantaged children, I couldn’t be happier with the direction we are going in these areas.  After hearing President Trump’s speech, I don’t know how anyone could believe that he does not support all American citizens and especially our children.

Americans of all backgrounds have felt helpless or left without a voice at one time or another.  I used to feel like many others in this country.  I felt as though it would be almost impossible to change or fix the problems in America.  Focusing on the issues in our own backyards seemed to be the easier and most productive route to take when trying to bring about change.  Who knew that we really could make significant changes in this country, and now, we have.

I encourage you all to watch the replay of President’s Trump speech.  Pay attention to the issues our country is facing and help make a difference.  Register to vote, and as always, stay informed and stay engaged.


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