We are just days away from the March 3 deadline to file to run for office in this year’s DeSoto County municipal races. Before we can even get out of the gate, things are heating up in Southaven.  

From the outside looking in (bc I live in Olive Branch and have no horse in this race), it seems that you have the diehard Mayor Musselwhite supporters on one side and the diehard ANTI-Musselwhite group on the other side. Those against the mayor seem to be lining up quickly behind businessman, Tommy Henley, whose wife was just elected last year to the DeSoto County School Board. It seems that Henley and others believe a change is desperately needed.

Henley, represented by attorney Steve Crampton, has brought a lawsuit against the City of Southaven over the city’s current political sign ordinances. You can click on the link below to read and see more about this story. I have a feeling this is going to be the most widely discussed race of the upcoming election. If you live in Southaven, I encourage you to talk to both candidates and pay attention to this situation as it unfolds. There are definitely two conflicting viewpoints, so do your research before deciding one way or the other. As always, stay informed and stay engaged!!

Read the full story here:



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