Do you know about our upcoming DESOTO COUNTY MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS?  

Citizens, be aware of this!! All of our local mayors, aldermen and municipal positions are up for re-election, and new candidates are filing daily to run against them. The deadline for a candidate to file to run for office is March 3.  

With our newly elected President and all of the daily national news surrounding him, I think some people have forgotten about these upcoming elections. If we can’t change or fix the problems in our own backyards, how can we change or fix our country? If you have problems with your current city’s elected officials, you have two choices. You can either run against him/her or research and talk to the candidates that do run before casting your vote. If you are proud of your city’s elected officials, then get out and help campaign for them. They would certainly welcome your help. Whether you support or oppose your city’s current administration, you have ways to make a difference. I hope that you will participate!

Also, if you aren’t registered to vote, GO REGISTER TO VOTE!!!! It is astounding at the extremely low number of people that turnout to vote and the amount of people that aren’t registered to vote. This is so simple to do. If you can’t contribute in any other way, you most certainly can vote. I encourage you to do so! You can make a difference!

A list of all of the candidates running for office will be posted after the March 3 filing deadline. Until then, stay tuned. Stay informed and stay engaged!!!


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