According to multiple news reports, some citizens were up in arms when they saw a Kentucky military convoy driving down the road with one of the vehicles flying a huge Trump flag on the back. Videos and pictures were taken, and the incident was reported. Now, the Navy is investigating the incident. Could there be punishments or reprimands given out for this?


In light of the killing of a Navy SEAL team member during combat in Yemen recently, the article below seems so trivial.  I would love to know what your thoughts are on the incident below. And would your thoughts be different if the flag being flown was an Obama flag?   Share your thoughts! 🇺🇸

(Photo above from the AMP).

Here are two additional links to the report on this story as well as the raid in Yemen:




4 thoughts on “Navy SEAL Convoy Reported for Flying Trump Flag in Kentucky

  1. They shouldn’t be flying any flag on duty in another country except America’s. No matter whose name, it makes it look (to foreigners) like we sent a military force allied to an individual. They aren’t any man’s private force.

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