On October 31, 2016, Hernando resident, Darla McConnell, was diagnosed with Late Stage Lyme Disease. Due to the severity of Darla’s condition, her Lyme Literate Medical Doctor sent her to be treated by the world renowned Ozone Specialist, Dr. David Minkoff for Lyme Treatment in Clearwater, Florida. Upon further testing, Darla was diagnosed with Neurological Lyme Disease and several co-infections. The treatment for this is not covered by insurance but is the only thing that can save her life at this point. She really needs your help!!! Darla and her husband, Chris, own McConnell Curb Appeal, LLC and are the parents of 4 children. You can help Darla by participating in a February 6 fundraiser for her at Mi Pueblo in Hernando. It is from 5-9pm. Read the flyers and information below and participate if you are willing and able. Your contributions and participation will be greatly appreciated!!

Here is a link to their FB page and post with all of the details about Darla, her condition and the event on February 6: https://www.facebook.com/McConnellCurbAppeal/posts/1397268033626547.

I encourage you to read the McConnell’s post and help them if you can.  Thank you in advance!


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