Each legislative session, funding is always a battle for most state agencies, legislators and citizens, all of whom have different wants and needs for the spending of our tax dollars. One of the state lottery bills proposed this year was earmarked for transportation and infrastructure. There has been a lot of discussion about unfunded projects in Mississippi in relation to transportation. Before voicing an opinion one way or the other, I think it is important to understand the issue being discussed.

I am providing you with information from MDOT and our North Mississippi Transportation Commissioner, Mike Tagert. You can review the link below to see the list of statewide unfunded transportation projects by county. I am proud to say that DeSoto County is not on any of the lists, but for many of us, we travel all throughout the state and may have family or business in other areas. Roads, highways and other infrastructure related issues do impact us. I encourage you to review the list of unfunded projects statewide. When legislation is proposed that is earmarked for transportation and infrastructure or funding is discussed pertaining to this area, you will have more information to base your opinion.  

I am providing a link to MDOT’s website with multiple spreadsheets of unfunded projects, fiscal reports and an informative document on the importance of transportation funding. Review these and come to your own conclusion.  There is a second link at the bottom that will take you to the unfunded projects by county list.  The information provided here is not intended to take a stance one way or the other but rather to inform and educate.

Stay informed and stay engaged!

Link to MDOT and all of their information on this subject:


Link to Unfunded Projects by County:



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