Attention proponents of a state lottery and/or individuals desiring to understand the legislative process better, the article below is for you.

It seems that there was an upheaval in a House Committee meeting. HB 804 started as a bill to require mental evaluations for those who have been charged with a crime and are about to stand trial. By the end of the meeting, it was a bill to create a state lottery with the funds going into the state’s general fund as opposed to being earmarked for education or other possible state funded agencies. Speaker of the House Philip Gunn had made it clear to the House Reps that he does not support a state lottery and that no bill on this issue would make it to the full House during this session, according to multiple news reports and House members. Committee Chairman Mark Baker felt so strongly about MS needing a state lottery that he did a last minute strike all which essentially changed HB 804 from a mental health evaluation bill to a state lottery bill. For those of you that support a state lottery, you will at least see this bill make it to the full House for a vote thanks to Rep. Baker.

To see what Rep. Baker had to say about his reasoning for this strike-all move, read the article below. Be sure to share your thoughts on having a state lottery.  


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