Please read this and learn why CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORMS should be important to you!

It seems like there is an endless amount of campaigns each year which has many Mississippians donating to local and state wide candidates and elected officials. Since Mississippi is known for being the most poverty stricken state in the country, our citizens’ financial expenditures matter. Not everyone has the time to campaign for their chosen candidate nor do they have the ability to get out and walk door to door. For many citizens, a donation, however small or large, is all they can do to contribute. So…….shouldn’t our citizens care about the way in which these candidates or elected officials spend their campaign monies, especially if these individuals are using the money for their personal interests and non-related campaign or elected position needs?

If you donate money to a candidate or an elected official, are you OK with that individual spending your money on a car for their teenage daughter, a family trip to the beach, new clothes or many other perceived to be questionable purchases? Read the article below and review The Clarion Ledger’s continuing report on campaign finance reports and how candidates are spending their money and reporting their finances to the state. See what you think and comment below.



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