For the last several years, I have taken many hits for my criticisms of the operational structure and efficiency of the DeSoto County Schools County Office (also referred to as the Central Office). Many people have mistaken my concerns and criticisms as some sort of vendetta against our former superintendent and certain staff members when nothing could be further from the truth. When the DCS school board pushed to have an outside consulting group evaluate the operational efficiency of the district, I was beyond pleased. Whatever it takes to get people to see what so many of its employees have expressed concerns about is the very thing that needed to be done. Now, it has been done thanks to our school board and new superintendent, Cory Uselton.

I have attached the video recorded DCS school board meeting from January 19, 2017. SEC (School Efficiency Consultants) was hired to evaluate our district’s operational efficiency. They presented their findings to our school board along with their suggested recommendations. I encourage all of you to watch the video. Whether you have believed me or not, this is your opportunity to hear from outside consultants, chosen by DCS and who spent 2+ months evaluating the operation, give their findings and recommendations to our school board. For those of you that don’t want to watch the video, You can click on the following link to see the Power Point Presentation used by SEC at the meeting.  

Link to Power Point presentation: 


We can all argue over issues, but we can’t accomplish anything if we don’t have all of the facts and figures to back up our arguments. We should all want the same thing and that is for our district to be run effectively, efficiently and fairly. We need to prioritize and put the focus where it needs to be…….on our children and their teachers. I am most grateful to our school board for making this evaluation happen, and I appreciate our district for sharing these findings with us on the district website and on YouTube. We do have many things to be proud of at DCS, and we do have a lot of great people within the system. My focus has been on the things that we need to be doing better, but I do recognize and have pride in all of the things that our students and staff accomplish on a daily basis. Hopefully, this report will help our newly elected superintendent and other district leaders to make some changes that will be beneficial for our district, for our children and for taxpayers.

I will wait to share bullet points of the findings and any thoughts I have on the items addressed in the report until more of you have had an opportunity to review the information for yourselves.



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