“Lawmakers will debate over a bill that could enforce a harsher penalty for animal abusers in Mississippi. 

Over the course of 2016, several videos surfaced on social media of people torturing and abusing animals. From the burning of a cat on someone’s driveway, to the severe beating of a dog on a home surveillance camera, and the most recent death of another cat who was trapped in a cage as two people poured scalding water over it.

Many believe that Mississippi’s current animal abuse laws are too lenient. That’s why Senator Angela Hill authored a bill, SB 2600, that would consider first offenses a felony.”

Read the full article here: http://newsms.fm/animal-cruelty-bill-could-create-harsher-penalty-for-pet-abuse/.

Personally speaking as an avid animal rescuer, foster and animal rescue and adoption advocate, I am most appreciative of Senator Hill for authoring this bill and for continuing to fight for stricter laws regarding animal abuse.  The acts of abuse, torture and neglect of animals are often predetermining factors for an individual’s propensity to become a criminal and one’s ability to commit these same crimes against people.  We should not give someone a simple slap on the wrist for committing these acts against animals, and we should protect ourselves from these individuals who are likely to commit these same acts against us.  

Thank you, Senator Angela Hill, for your continued work on this issue and for your willingness to fight for what is right.


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