This whole controversy over building a wall has left me dazed and confused in regards to the rationale and logic behind people’s comments. First of all, almost every house in every neighborhood nowadays has a fence around it. Is it racist to build a fence around your property? There are many reasons people build fences: to keep their animals on their property and prevent them from getting away, to prevent their children from getting out of the yard or to keep them in their yard only, to ensure that others do not easily come onto and out of your property for security reasons, to mark property lines and for privacy reasons. None of these are discriminatory reasons for building a fence, and most people widely accept the need to have a fenced in yard. Realtors will tell you that a fenced in yard is a positive thing for real estate sales, so why are we balking at building a fence/wall on the border of our country and Mexico?

Secondly, many city and local governments have ordinances in place that make subdivisions and commercial businesses (for example) adhere to various municipal laws regarding the building and maintenance of walls, fences, buffer yards and/or screenings between them and other public or private properties. Is this discriminatory or racist? I would encourage all of those people disgruntled about a wall on the Mexican border to review their local and state laws and zoning ordinances that address similar issues but on a local level.  

Thirdly, if we are going to be upset about a wall, why do we have locks on our doors, security systems like ADT, video cameras for monitoring our properties, electric fences for our animals and many other vastly used products that consumers use every day and for many different reasons? Is it discriminatory or racist to want to be safe and secure? Is it racist or wrong to make it harder for trespassers to not be able to trespass upon one’s property? In real estate sales, gated communities and tightly secured condos and PUDs are greatly valued. Is this racist or discriminatory for people to place a higher value on properties providing this kind of extra protection or security?

I think that people are grossly over dramatizing ‘The Wall’ situation and need to see it for what it is. My backyard faces the street that OBHS is on. Do I have a fence? I surely do! I don’t want kids/teenagers tracking through my yard. I love kids and teenagers, but my first priority is the safety of my kids, family and pets. I don’t need someone getting hurt on my property. I don’t need to take a chance that my young kids or pets could get hurt by strangers. I don’t want to chance someone bringing drugs or alcohol onto my property. This is not me being racist. This is me wanting to take extra security measures because the reality is that we live on a very busy street. We want privacy. We want to be secure. Why is this wrong? And unfortunately, Mexican drug cartels alone should be enough reason to want the wall. It’s about safety, security and a form of insurance that trespassers do not trespass upon our American soil. Why is this wrong?  Please fee free to share your thoughts on this.


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