For years now, there has been significant controversy and criticism surrounding the state’s funding of public schools in Mississippi. Every year, PACs, educators and various groups go to battle with legislators over this issue. There are others, myself included, that have fought to have our funding formula reevaluated and have viewed it as flawed and outdated. Now, Mississippians may be getting some answers and resolutions to this problem.

Today, a group hired by the state, EdBuild, to review our current funding formula is presenting their findings to our legislators. I have attached a link to their 80 page report below. I encourage everyone that has ever taken a stance on this issue to pay close attention, review this report in detail and really learn how funding works and could work in the future. It is very easy to place blame on legislators or education leaders for shortcomings in our school systems or a perceived lack of funds, but you should understand the full process before making judgments one way or the other. Hopefully, this report will provide all interested parties with much needed information regarding the MAEP and what we can do to more accurately determine funding for our schools.

I have attached a picture of one page from the report. It is the page that shows our school district’s Reserve Funds Balance, how much money out of our district’s total budget the state provided and Reserve as % of state funds. In times past, I have been challenged on my reporting of this information in relation to our school district. This document is just another of many proving my numbers to be correct. I hope you will take the time to read through all of the information provided in this report and most especially as it pertains to your school district. If we want our schools to be funded fairly and adequately, we must all do more than just express outrage at one group or another. Educate yourself. Get involved and stay engaged.



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