One of the fairly new features on FB is FB Live, but is this feature a good thing? There has been a considerable amount of controversy over this, especially with recent events. A special needs individual was tortured by 4 people, and it was all live streamed on FB. If that was not bad enough, a 12 year old girl live streamed her suicide on FB Live, and it took 2 weeks for FB to take down the video. Is FB Live a good thing or should this feature be reconsidered?

One interesting point to consider is the amount of people placed in what some call ‘FB Jail’ for their political posts or posts that the FB police consider to be punishable. How can it be OK to live stream torture and suicide but not OK to share religious or political posts and views? As with a lot of things in the world today, it seems that good is now bad and bad is now good. I can’t even imagine how this girl’s family has felt losing their child and especially with it plastered all over social media. This raises 2 questions for me. First, is FB Live a good thing? Secondly, who makes the calls on what should be allowed on FB and what should not?

What are your thoughts on this?

Read the full story here:



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