Here is a question regarding schools that has been brought to my attention. Some parents and I were talking recently about an issue that our district along with districts across the country face but we have not heard discussed openly or publicly. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

I would assume that a teacher or coach at a school is not allowed to be in the opposite sex’s bathroom, locker room or in a hotel room on a school trip with their students or players. Example: A male basketball coach would not be allowed in the locker room of his female players. He would not be allowed to share a room with these same female players on a trip. So here is the question. If a teacher or coach were to be gay or transsexual, should they be allowed to be in the locker room or hotel room of their same sex students or players? Example: Is it ok for a gay, female tennis coach to be in the locker room with her female players while they are changing clothes or ok for her to share a room with her players on a school trip?  

I pose this question because it has been a concern raised by parents in different areas and in different states. This is not aimed at any particular person or institution. This is food for thought, because in today’s world, we are faced with a lot of variables that did not exist in times past. I don’t have kids this age yet, so this issue has not been personally in front of me. What are your thoughts on it? Also, what (if any) rules are in place at your school or in your district that addresses a situation like this?


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